Vanished Moon

The dark Vanished Moon appears in the skies of Konack, it is a phenomenon that takes place at erratic times, and only a Konatsu would be able to distinguish the moon from the blackened midnight skies. Certain Konatsu can harness the power of the Vanished Moon using an intense meditation which absorbs the dark lunar rays. The focused meditation will transform the player, giving him additional power and mental force.

75 Dexterity or higher
It must be between 7 PM and 6 AM for you to achieve Vanished Moon.
Transformation is achieved randomly after killing a mob (Rare)
If you die or logout you will revert from Vanished Moon.

Vanished Moon gives 60,000 Pl and Ki.
While active, Rune Fire Slash, Moon Dance Slash and Dragon Assault Slash have an extra
(str*500) added to their damage formulas.

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