Vanishing Ball

Races that can Learn this

How to Learn
Using Shocking ball while in Morph Pure will give you a rare
chance to learn Vanishing Ball.

This is known as Majin Buu's most powerful ki attack that has the power to
easily destroy a planet. When used, a huge pink ball of ki that looks very
much like a Death Ball is formed above the user and hurled at its target in
rage. Goku even mentioned that this ki attack has the power to destroy Earth
10 times over.

Players hit by Vanishing Ball have a 50% chance to lose 2 Rage.
Vanishing Ball does increased damage if your target has 80 Rage or lower.(int*2,500)
Vanishing Ball can give [Pl +3] [Ki +4] on use.

Damage Formula
Base Damage: str * 3,300 + int * 1,600 + level * 2
Morph Pure Damage: str * 6,100 + int * 2,000 + level * 2
Vanishing Ball can hit up to 5 times and no less than 4, it depends on your DEX.

Ki Cost
Required Ki: 250,000
Ki Cost Per Hit: 50,000

<Syntax> Vanishing <target>

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